Monday, August 17, 2009

Kiss to Rock at Wally World

The rock group Kiss will debut its first new music in 11 years at Wal-Mart and Sam's Clubs on Oct. 6.

"Sonic Boom" is due to be released only at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club on Oct. 6. It will include a CD of the band's first new music in 11 years, re-recorded versions of famous Kiss hits and a live DVD.

Other classic acts that have chosen to release albums through Wal-Mart include the Eagles, AC/DC and Foreigner.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sirota on the Fox Incentive

David Sirota offers his insight on the Fox News incentive to town hall bullies.

Here's a sample:

What this does is create a vicious cycle whereby the small group of conservative activists who are terrorizing these town halls have an incentive to be more and more aggressive. They know that if they can go further than the last supposed martyr, they might get their mug on Fox News. And so from protestors trying to shut down town hall meetings with screaming we get protestors shoving matches and then protestors arming themselves and then protestors making death threats. This is the Fox News Incentive System at work.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Obama: Fight Health Care Lies

President Barack Obama is attempting to mobilize his supporters to fight against the lies perpetrated by conservatives against his health care reform plan.

Politico reports:

In an unusual e-mail appeal, President Barack Obama is asking millions of his campaign supporters to commit to attending at least one community event on health care this month.

Obama writes that opponents of his health care plan are “filling the airwaves and the Internet with outrageous falsehoods to scare people into opposing change.”

“And some people, not surprisingly, are getting pretty nervous,” he warns. “So we've got to get out there, fight lies with truth and set the record straight."

The e-mail shows up as being from “President Barack Obama,” with the subject line: “This is the moment.”

Friday, July 31, 2009

Website Tells Movie Goers When To Head for the Head

If you are a movie goer with a small bladder, you will want to log on to before heading to the multiplex.

This site tells you when to head for the head during movies so you won't miss any of the storyline. It even tips you off to what will happen while you are gone.

According to an Associated Press story:

Launched last August, RunPee took off earlier this summer. It's been one of the season's runaway hits — a clever idea that has spawned a lot of word-of-mouth from moviegoers.

"Helping your bladder enjoy going to the movies as much as you do," the site boasts.

It was created by Dan Florio, a 42-year-old Flash developer who got the idea during the three-hour-plus "King Kong" remake in 2005.

Florio, who lives in Orlando, Fla., with his wife, does everything for the site, though he gets some help from his wife and his mother. He's become a regular opening day attendee of movies, busily taking notes in the back row.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Careful where you fall asleep

A 52-year-old Tampa man woke up inside a sanitation truck after he fell asleep in a dumpster and was picked up with the trash.

A sanitation department employee had not yet activated the truck's compactor after he mistakenly dumped Hallaran inside.

Authorities said the compactor would most likely have killed Hallaran.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cheney: Gitmo or Death

Former President, er, Vice President Dick Cheney said in a speech Monday, June 1, that the only alternative to tossing suspected terrorists in prison at Guantanamo Bay was to kill them.

The 240 prisoners left at Guantanamo, he said, are "the worst of the worst" — including alleged Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Muhammed — who would gladly become suicide bombers to kill more Americans.

"If you don't have a place where you can hold these people, the only other option is to kill them, and we don't operate that way," he said.

Really? The only alternative?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Biden Wows 'em at Gridiron

As seen on BuzzFlash:

As you probably know, the insider elite "punditrocacy" in D.C. was all aghast that President Obama was the first Chief Executive since Grover Cleveland not to attend the annual roast held at the Gridiron Club (sounds like a waffle to us).

Vice President Joe Biden did the honors for Obama, and delivered a script of jokes that were actually quite funny. All Joe needed was a drumstick on a cymbal at the end of each punch line.

Decide for yourself from this transcript that's making its way around the Net:

Axelrod really wanted me to do this on teleprompter -- but I told him I'm much better when I wing it. ... I know these evenings run long, so I'm going to be brief. Talk about the audacity of hope. ... President Obama does send his greetings, though. He can't be here tonight -- because he's busy getting ready for Easter. He thinks it's about him.

'I know that no president has missed his first Gridiron since Grover Cleveland. Of course, President Cleveland really did have better things to do on a Saturday night. When he was in the White House -- he was married to a 21 year old woman. ... I understand these are dark days for the newspaper business, but I hate it when people say that newspapers are obsolete. That's totally untrue. I know from firsthand experience. I recently got a puppy, and you can't housebreak a puppy on the Internet.